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Thread: Excel autofilter stops filtering

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    Excel autofilter stops filtering

    I am using excel 2003 on my windows xp computer. I have noticed that my autofilter just stoped filtering completely after entering 20 new row. What has happened and what is the solution?Can anyone help!!!

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    Re: Excel autofilter stops filtering

    The basic Excel filter allows you to view specific rows in an Excel spreadsheet, while hiding the other rows in the worksheet.An AutoFilter dropdown list will only show 1000 entries. As a result, in a large database, the AutoFilter dropdown may not show all the items in the column.

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    Re: Excel autofilter stops filtering

    Did you check the option to check in the values instead of the formulas?When the autofilter stops responding, perhaps it has something to do with the range.

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    Re: Excel autofilter stops filtering

    AutoFilter is an easy way to turn the values in Excel column into specific filters based on the cell contents. AutoFilter option is an automatic process that does not receive any specific inputs on how to filter, it is recommended that you choose ‘’all’’ of the data you have.

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