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Thread: cyclic redundancy error

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    Exclamation cyclic redundancy error

    yep ... which software wud solve this one ...

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    Re: cyclic redundancy error

    The cyclic redundancy check is a way to control data integrity powerful and easy to implement. It is the primary method of error detection used in telecommunications.

    The cyclic redundancy check is to protect blocks of data called frames . Each frame is associated with a data block, called a control code (CRC sometimes by abuse of language or FCS Frame Check Sequence in the case of a code of 32 bits). The CRC code contains redundant elements vis-*-vis the frame, to detect errors, but also to repair them.

    CRCs are calculated before and after transmission or duplication, and then compared to ensure that they are the same. The CRC calculations commonly used are constructed so that certain types of errors, such as those due to interference in the transmissions, are always detected.

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    Re: cyclic redundancy error

    You need to format your hdd & reinstall your Operating System.
    Please take backup of your data on another removable hdd.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: cyclic redundancy error

    err... my friend gave me his gta 4 dvd disc and the above error comes while installing

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