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Thread: Microsoft Outlook form regions

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    Microsoft Outlook form regions

    I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2007 along with Windows Xp on my system. I would like to know that what are Microsoft Outlook form regions? What are the Advanced Microsoft Outlook Regions? Has any body used it on their system? Kindly provide me the correct information on Microsoft Outlook form regions. Any kind of information on the above topic would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Microsoft Outlook form regions

    Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used e-mail program and offers the most program-ability. Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides a new way of customizing the Outlook user interface for data. It enables developers to embed custom .NET forms into Outlook windows and use any controls on any Outlook forms. Although form regions do not support embedded script, business logic for a form region is written as an Outlook COM add-in and linked with the form region.

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    Re: Microsoft Outlook form regions

    This new technology was called Microsoft Outlook Form Regions. Custom form regions extend standard or custom Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 forms. Due to Microsoft Outlook 2007 form regions and VSTO you can get rid of the development with VBScript and Notepad. hese forms work with Office Outlook 2007 and earlier. Outlook provides the Outlook forms design environment to create custom forms.

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    Re: Microsoft Outlook form regions

    To make this work, you need to create a new instance of a custom task pane when each Inspector window opens. Use a built-in form to leverage the functionality of the item that is associated with it. To do this, handle an event that is raised when the Inspector window is created, and then create the task pane in the event handler. The Add-in Express Extensions offers developer-friendlier region, called the Advanced Microsoft Outlook Regions, that work on all Outlook versions from 2000 to 2007. Outlook form regions are a new feature in Office Outlook 2007 and help to make the custom form experience richer. Form regions are also designed in the Outlook Form Designer and are added to standard Outlook forms.

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