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Thread: Need GNU Wget for Windows

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    Need GNU Wget for Windows

    Does any one is familiar with GNU Wget tool for Windows. I am looking for a command line tool which can help me to retrieve files from internet. I want a effective tool some what like a download manager. I have used the Wget in Linux and it is quiet efficient in getting the files properly download. The same I am looking for Windows. I not used it many times so I am also interested in knowing the features of this tool. Does this work same as it works on a Linux platform.

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    Re: Need GNU Wget for Windows

    It is a computer program which use to retrieves contents form any web servers. It is actually a part of GNU Project. The tool supports downloading files through HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols. It also supports manual download, link conversion in offline mode with local HTML support, etc. The tool is available in multiple platforms like Mac OS X, Microsoft Window, Linux, etc. The application works in GUI mode so it much easier to use.

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    Re: Need GNU Wget for Windows

    It is freely available and gives all the supported features that you can use on Linux platform. Some of the best features of this tool are, easy mirroring a site, getting large files from internet, etc. You can manually control the tool by pausing, aborting the download using the REST and RANGE option. You can use mirror directories, nlr message files that supports multiple languages and other options. You can use it on Windows.

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    Re: Need GNU Wget for Windows

    Wget is a network tool that is used to retrieve files from the web with the help of http and ftp. This both type of protocols are widely used online. The tool also works in background even if you are logged of from your system. You can simply follow site links that are on html, xhtml, and css web pages. Wget is works great on unstable and slow network connections. It an ideal choice for such networks. You can simply start downloading file from where you had left before. The tool has some inbuilt features that offers you choose and retrieve files from your favorite links.

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