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Thread: Download WinMX for Windows XP

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    Download WinMX for Windows XP

    Does anyone knows where to download WinMX. I had heard that it is used for music sharing and chatting. It is a kind or peer to peer music sharing. What this does exactly means. What I had figured out that I can give access to music to any user online. That means the users all around the world can share up their music collection with each other. If yes then where can I download it. I have a huge collection of songs here. And I hope that this will help to add more songs to my collection. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Download WinMX for Windows XP

    You are to a extent right about that. WinMX is one the most popular music sharing program. But there is not current version available. You can try the old one. It is a powerful and famous file sharing program. You can just simply search music, videos, ebooks, images, softwares, etc. It is a freeware tool and available on many sites for a free download. The tool size is 10 MB and it is very easy to use. There is a wizard tool which guides the user to search for their choices in less than a minute.

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    Re: Download WinMX for Windows XP

    WinMX offer you a P2P file sharing network to share large amount of data. WinMX Mp3 is a powerful search engine which is capable of connecting to more than one most popular p2p networks. The software has a very awesome inbuilt feature which enables it to find the fake or corrupted files. This helps you to save lot of resources. The music section is large and you can have a wide selection of songs.

    Click here to download WinMX

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    Re: Download WinMX for Windows XP

    It is a freeware file sharing program which is available on many sites. It helps you to connect to P2P servers and download your favorite music. All music, files are uploaded by the users only. It gives you a high performance p2p protocol, you can share and download any type of file, you can uses multi source for downloading, details about the downloading, OpenNap for users, etc. Today Pilot is a software which offers you a P2P sharing. Nowadays there are many third party tools available for the same purpose.

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