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Thread: Aero Glass in Virtual XP Mode of Windows 7

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    Aero Glass in Virtual XP Mode of Windows 7

    I am enjoying the Windows 7, 2 days back download the Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode for Windows 7. I installed both of them accrording to this guide How to Install and Configure Virtual Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 , ( thank you TechArena ) and they working really fine . I'm just wonder if is it possible to enable the Aero within the XP mode? Any thoughts?

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    Re: Aero Glass in Virtual XP Mode of Windows 7

    Are you talking about to make use of Windows 7 Aero in virtual Xp mode?I don't think so if its possible. However might be its possible to install some aero patch for XP in virtual XP mode.

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    Re: Aero Glass in Virtual XP Mode of Windows 7

    As you might be knowing that Virtual PC 2007 have the built-in VM virtualized graphics driver which couldn’t support true GPU hardware acceleration and hence it was not possible to enable the Windows Aero in its guest machines. But now thanks to powerful set of “Integration Components” in Windows Virtual PC and enhanced version of Remote Desktop in Windows 7, we can now have full Aero Glass experience in Windows 7 VMs provided the host machine has Windows Aero enabled. Perform the following steps to enable Aero Glass in your VMs running 7:

    • First enable the Windows Aero in your Host machine, i.e Windows 7.
    • Now install the latest "Integration Components" in Virtual machine, (For eg. your XP mode, but i haven't tried it in Virtual XP mode.)
    • Now in Windows Virtual PC, click on Tools->Install Integration Components. After installing it Enable it from the Tools menu.
    • Now your VM will logg offf, login and you'll have the fully working Aero glass enable in your VM running windows 7.
    • If its not enable , enable it form right click on desktop -> Personalize -> Aero Themes” .

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