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Thread: Groupwise d124 error

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    Groupwise d124 error

    I have installed groupwise running on my netware server. But i am getting error while trying to get proxy access for calendar the error i am getting is Groupwise error D124 changing proxy access with other PC also not helpful still getting error message. can any one help me ?
    thank you

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    Re: Groupwise d124 error

    For scheduling purposes we have groupwise objects one of these objects, Library can only be accessed by the admin. For the users getting this error

    Groupwise error D124
    Access to user '' denied

    please help

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    Re: Groupwise d124 error

    The problem is due to the Multi-User list corruption. The error Access to user USERID@IDOMAIN denied is due to the incorrect proxy rights so that the removing the users from the Multi-User. Minimum User Access in Proxy Access under Tools > Options > Security check for that ..

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    Re: Groupwise d124 error

    Removing the users from Multi-User listing and re-adding them corrected the problem. Currently there is no utility to do this for multiple users at a time.Apparently the Multi-User list was corrupted. The error "Access to user USERID@IDOMAIN denied" was incorrect. If the user had insufficient proxy rights removing the users from the Multi-User Listing would not have resolved the problem.

    The only other scenario that could cause this problem was if Minimum User Access in Proxy Access under Tools > Options > Security was accidentally granted and the Multi-User listing was looking at it for the rights. A administrator might have found this and used the GWCHECK with the special proxy fix to remove the Minimum User Access. So the next time the user tried the Multi-User View a D124 could be reported. This would explain why removing and re-adding them to the Multi-User Listing would correct the problem. check here

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