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Thread: Vista sound recorder not recording

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    Vista sound recorder not recording

    When I try to register the correct device to use gives me an error message that "says An audio recording can not be found." are, I recently shift to Vista from XP and the feature worked on XP. Is there any driver I need to install?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Vista sound recorder not recording

    Hello I have exactly the same problem with my brand new Dell XPS running Vista, the premium of the house. The first couple of times when I have a stereo cable from another correct device, been registered - the next day that I've tried the microphone cable is somehow not recognized. When I check in Control Panel - Accurate recording - it says that the microphone / line in not connected - and I'm sure it was previously connected. The configure button is greyed out, and I don 't find a way to connect to this contact or go. I, the characteristic control of my system in operation, and when it worked - but not yet when I try using a recording program. I thought this is a hardware problem - but seeing that others have the same problem - maybe it is a matter of Vista? I'm grateful for any advice.

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    Re: Vista sound recorder not recording

    When you use Sound Recorder to record audio in Windows Vista, the recording may contain extraneous noises such as pops or clicks. Or, the recording may sound distorted. This problem may occur when you record from a device that is connected to the line-in port on the computer's sound card. Additionally, this problem may occur more frequently when Sound Recorder is configured to sample at rates other than 16 bits and 44100 hertz (Hz)

    To work around this problem, use one of the following methods, and then record the audio again:

    * Decrease the volume output of the device that is connected to the line-in port on the sound card. For example, if you have a portable MP3 player connected through the headphone jack of the device, reduce the volume of the MP3 device.
    * Decrease the volume of the recorded sound in the Hardware and Sound item in Control Panel. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Manage audio devices.
    2. Click the Recording tab, click the audio device that you use to record sound, and then click Properties.
    3. Click the Levels tab, drag the volume slider to the left to reduce the volume, and then click OK.

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    Re: Vista sound recorder not recording

    After speaking to technology support, I downloaded the proper card drivers again from the net, and now re-recording work - the microphone cable is recognized. I think an update to Vista a few days ago, in one way or another, the connection blocked. If you have the problem - try installing audio drivers again, you see if it helps.

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