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Thread: Tips on building up new Media Center

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    Tips on building up new Media Center

    I am planing to make my own Windows Media Center PC. I had collected all the equipments for the same. A good TV Tuner card with large LCD display. Xbox 360 gaming console, component video cable with a additional HD cable, Vista MCE, etc. I need some simple tips and tricks to create my own Media center with ease. What thing should be considered to avoid any flaws and errors. It is was for my personal use and the prime need will be games and movies. I had downloaded many updates and codec for the same also. Which is important one. I also want to connect my Media Center to my Digital TV service. So which is better way to get more channels and online service. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Tips on building up new Media Center

    First make sure that you have a user manual and entire cables and support. Connect your Xbox 360 to your LCD display and then set the same to your PC. Cabling is not a hard job. The main thing is that how to configure the entire system. Here you want both to watch movies and play games. So for the game thing just connect your Xbox to your LCD display and insert a OEM game disc. It will not load a pirated copy of Game cd. You have to purchase a license key. Then for the movie thing just connect your computer with the Digital TV box and then same will go to the TV. Open Windows Vista Media center. You can select the TV option to view the channels.

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    Re: Tips on building up new Media Center

    You can click on My TV to download the latest TV guide. It will display you 14 days information about the entire TV programs. Then the same can be used to record online shows on your computer. I will recommend you to download ffdshow and VobSub filter. Also install Media Player Classic - Home Cinema and VLC media player to avoid any codec error. Update your TV tuner cards driver n case of bad broadcasting of channels. Then connect your set top box cable to the TV tuner card and the to Xbox via your PC. The Digital TV will be displayed. Use your remote for navigation and other options.

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    Re: Tips on building up new Media Center

    The basic things you need to run your first Media Center PC is a Digital TV service you already have, Vista MCE, a good TV Tuner card and power supply. For the Xbox thing you just need a proper driver. The first sync all the devices you computer. Right click on My computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager. You are entire hardware must be listed here. If any has yellow or red mark then it is not working. Re-install it back again. Check the cables properly. You do not need a additional HD cable. Because the output quality of channels depends on the broadcasting company. Get NetFlix, Playon, etc online services for on demand movie and games.

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