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Thread: Audio compression format

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    Audio compression format

    Hi friends,

    Due to virus issue i had recently formatted my computer and reinstall Windows XP on it and at the same time i had also install new version of Yahoo messenger all the sounds work on everything except when I go into a chat room (Yahoo) to hear the people talk it says me that this computer does not support the required audio compression format. Now what does that mean,and how do I fix it. Hope you can Help

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    Audio compression format

    If you want to have Audio compression format then try to first try to get tssoft32.acm and tsd32.dll from internet and open Windows\System32 directory. Over here if tssoft32.acm is present then rename it tssoft32_old.acm, then place tssoft32.acm and tsd32.dll into the Windows\System32 directory. Now create a folder with KEY_CURRENT_CONFIG>Software\Microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\Drivers32\msacm.trspch and Set REG_SZ value to: tssoft32.acm. and reboot your computer for changes to get effected.

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    Audio compression format

    I was also facing such kind of issue i try to reinstall yahoo messenger and install latest version of codec and from then onwards i was not this computer does not support the required audio compression format message you also try to do this hope it works for you too.

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    Audio compression format

    I was also getting such kind of message try to check out the below links and i am sure you will get some solution over here.

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