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Thread: Notepad status bar option greyed out

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    Notepad status bar option greyed out

    Hello friends,

    Some thing fatal happened with my notepad.I just fired up notepad and the view... status bar option is grayed out.I'm certain it was working last week because I was using ti to look at line numbers. I've not consciously changed anything.Anybody here to suggest me in this matter?

    thanks for any reply

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    Re: Notepad status bar option greyed out

    You can check this out in Notepad, click on Format in the toolbar at the top of the window. In the menu that drops down, click on Word Wrap to delete the check mark next to it. You should now be able to go to View and click on Status Bar to have it displayed.

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    Re: Notepad status bar option greyed out

    Hi there you may try to do this.I have done the same thing in order to make my notepad fine...First of allOpen Notepad.Click Format and UNCheck Word Wrap.Click View and then click Status Bar.Status Bar is unavailable (grayed out) in the View menu unless Word Wrap is unchecked.Go To is unavailable in the Edit menu if Word Wrap is turned off.

    have luck..!!

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    Re: Notepad status bar option greyed out

    Hey you better try to turning of wrap text. When text is wrapped the same line can cover more than one line on-screen and notepad doesn't have the capability to show you the actual line number its on in the file during wrap-text mode

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