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Thread: Cd rip rate 128 or 320

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    Cd rip rate 128 or 320

    I plays mp3 songs in my car. i tried out several bitrate of mp3.I download files from the internet of 192kbps but i dont fount much difference between 128 and 192 where i found 128 better another song with has 320kbps having greater size but now i want convert my some files in mp3 so what you say about bitrate for mp3 which one s better ? also tell me which converter is better ?
    thank you

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    Re: Cd rip rate 128 or 320

    What i know is more bit rate higher sound quality and higher sound quality will get higher file size. if you go with 320 you must get better quality now difference in sound quality is depending on you music player and speaker system. i always prefer 256kbps audio file for mp3 which provide me awesome quality.

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    Re: Cd rip rate 128 or 320

    I used to rip all my music in the highest 320kbps MP3 format because my ipod is able to differentiate quality between 128, 256 and 320 And low quality of mp3 annoy me . But I found that ripping them in 256kbps is also good but not better than the 320kbps MP3.

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    Re: Cd rip rate 128 or 320

    dBpoweramp Music Converter is the standard tool for audio conversions, with over 20 million users. dBpoweramp CD Ripper is used by all segments of the market, home users, enthusiasts right through to professionals (Batch Ripper is used by the largest commercial CD Ripping houses). convert to your required bitrate...

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