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Thread: Where is Mass editing categories in WordPress

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    Where is Mass editing categories in WordPress

    Out of my total post on the WordPress, i need to move some post to another category but wordpress is not allowing me to do so. I am just unable to find the mass editing categories on my Wordpress. I tried it find out on wordpress menu bars but i can't. Please help.

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    Re: Where is Mass editing categories in WordPress

    You won't find the Mass editing categories there itself in WordPress as it is not there. I don’t know why wordpress still doesn’t give its users the ability to mass edit posts. But fortunately you can do it with the plug-in called Mass Edit Pages for WordPress. This plugin allows you to edit the Page Parent (post_parent) and Menu Order (menu_order) of many pages, on a single page. To install it you just need to upload the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder and activate it on the Plugins page. Then, click Manage => Mass Edit Pages.

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    Re: Where is Mass editing categories in WordPress

    WordPress, by default, isn’t setup to do mass category post edit. WP-Cats is another Wordpress plugin that aids in mass category management. WP-Cats augments the Manage Posts screen with Ajax controls that allow two-click adding and single-click removing of categories from individual posts.WP-Cat puts a little AJAX addition to the Manage Posts page in the WordPress administrator section.

    There is a drop down list that will allow you to dynamically add or remove categories, and since it’s AJAX goodness there is no page reloads.If a post is filed only as Categorized, this category will be removed when any other is added. If you have previously added a category to a post on a page, you can add it to other posts by double-clicking the add-icon.

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    Re: Where is Mass editing categories in WordPress

    Admin Management Xtended Plug-in makes the process of editing WordPress categories easier and faster. It adds some icons to the posts/pages management panel with AJAX-driven CMS-known functions like toggling post/page visibility, changing publication date and title without having to open the edit screens or reload the page, plus changing page order with drag'n'drop, inline category management and inline tag management, plus much more.

    But this Plug-in is not for managing bulk edits to move categories from one to another.To install it:-

    • Download the plugin and unzip it.
    • Upload the folder admin-management-xtended/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
    • Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
    • Installation finished.

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