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Thread: How can i block IP in WordPress

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    How can i block IP in WordPress

    I am now really fed up of my WordPress spam comments. The only way i can find to stop this is by blocking IP address of the spammers. But frankly i am not aware of doing it. So please help me out and make me know how can block the IP in WordPress ?

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    Re: How can i block IP in WordPress

    There are several ways of blocking specific IP Addresses. Included on your Options > Discussion panel is a section called the Comment Blacklist. This is a list of words completely blacklisted from your blog. Here you can manually enter a list of IP Addresses. Be very careful what you add here. If a comment matches something here it will be completely nuked and there will be no notification. These "nuked" comments will not appear on your blog, but they will remain in your database marked as. Comments that are marked as are held in your database to educate "intelligent" anti-spam plugins, such as Akismet.

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    Re: How can i block IP in WordPress

    You must be aware that most spammers use random IPs. Blocking spammers by their IP does break up spam floods, but it also increases the chance of blocking legitimate users.If you watch the IP addresses carefully, you may notice that there is only a slight variation in some of the numbers. In this case you must use .htaccess. You need to include .htaccess file in your wp directory. It also controls your permalinks - can be used to completely block an IP from even seeing your site. You can place this either in your site root, or the directory where your blog is.

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    Re: How can i block IP in WordPress

    The best solution to block IP address on WordPress is the Plug-in called akismet. it is smart at identifying spam comments and moving them to the Spam Comments folder.Akismet is a collaborative effort to make comment and trackback spam a non-issue and restore innocence to blogging, so you never have to worry about spam again. To install this Plug-in:-

    • Download plugin and unzip.
    • Upload the plugin file to your WordPress plugins directory inside of wp-content.
    • Activate it from the plugins menu inside of WordPress.
    • Enter your API key.
    • Forget that spam was ever a problem.

    Download akismet

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