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Thread: How to determine what web server we are running

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    How to determine what web server we are running

    How do I determine the IP address, operating system, Web server and release version for a Web site hosted on a particular Web server? It should be something like the "host" command. How to determine the hardware requirements I need to meet for a new web server?

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    Re: How to determine what web server we are running

    If you are expecting the formula to do this thing then there is absolutely no way to come up with a formula without knowing how much resources your web app uses. this isnt as easy as you probably wanted, but this is something like what you want to do..Make an HTTP request and observe the "Server" response header.

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    Re: How to determine what web server we are running

    The Web server version will not be returned with the HEAD / HTTP/1.0 command, I can probably work through this but with two problems already on this fresh install, I'm thinking maybe the "Unable to determine your web server type and version, The Web server version will be returned in a line beginning with with "Server:."

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