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Thread: Character count word 2007

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    Character count word 2007


    I am using Office 2007 on my system and i want to have word count in status bar. Is it possible to change this to character count. I have tried a lot to find it but i am not able to do it. I have also asked my friends about the same but they also don't know how to do it. Can anyone tell me how to do it because it's very important for me.

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    Character count word 2007

    It's very simple in this case you need to just enable the word count toolbar by right clicking anywhere in the toolbar area of the screen and you would be able to enable your character, i was able to do it in Office 2003 hope this should work out with you too.

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    Character count word 2007

    If you want to have character count enable in office 2007 then you need to add it through the status bar by going through Customize Status bar. If you want to have better performance then you need to add it to Quick Access Toolbar for that you need to click on Office Button, Office menu, Word Options, Word Options dialog box, Customize, under Choose commands from, select Review tab, scroll down the list and select Word count, Add, OK.

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