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Thread: Scanning Software Error during Installation

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    Scanning Software Error during Installation

    hey everyone......

    Recently, I was installing the scanning software in my computer. During installation, all of a sudden my Kaspersky program detected an error and the installation process stopped by itself. I can't really figure out what is the problem all about ? I was wondering if anybody of you knows about such issue and can someone help me providing useful suggestions and ideas....thnx

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    Re: Scanning Software Error during Installation

    I would suggest you check whether you are in interactive mode or not ..!!

    Goto Settings >> Protection.
    Under the "Interactive Protection" , look if "Select Action Automatically" is checked or not. If the option is checked, then uncheck it.

    goto Settings >> System Security >> Application Filtering >> delete the program >> then launch the program again.
    You will receive some pop-ups that are associated with the program, just allow them.

    Hope this resolves your issue

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    Re: Scanning Software Error during Installation

    If you are getting any errors relating to Acrobat program, then try performing this troubleshooting steps to get rid of the problem.

    • Install the latest version of Acrobat.
    • Verify that the scanner works byscanning inanother application.
    • Scan using Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) instead of TWAIN. (Windows XP only)
    • Install the latest scanner driver.
    • Restart your computer with startup items disabled.

      • To disable startup items in Windows XP:
        - Quit all applications.
        - Start > Run > type msconfig > click OK.
        - In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the Startup tab > select Disable All.
        - Click OK > restart Windows.
      • To re-enable the startup items:
        - Start > Run > type msconfig > click OK.
        - In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the Startup tab > select Enable All.
        - Click OK > restart Windows.

    • Rescan the image using a different color mode.
    • Specify the image size in the preview panel of the scanner software.
    • Log in as an administrator.

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    Re: Scanning Software Error during Installation

    Here the Solution --

    The Temp folder is used as a temporary location for the scanner setup files to be copied to during the EPSON Scan installation so the files are readily available to complete the installation of the scanner when it is powered on, attached and detected by Windows.

    As the Temp folder is always used, this can occur both when installing from the CD-ROM and from a downloaded EPSON Scan file.

    To resolve the issue we recommend that you empty the local Temp folder in Windows, as follows:

    1. Open My Computer and check that 'Show hidden files and folders' is enabled in Tools > Folder Options > View > Advanced Settings.
      • Double-click on My Computer from the Desktop or open it via the All Programs menu.
      • Click on Tools on the toolbar at the top of the window and from the menu click on 'Folder Options...'.

    2. Browse to the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\(your username folder)\Local Settings\Temp and delete the contents of the Temp folder.
      • Still in My Computer, open the local hard drive - this is usually the (C drive.
      • Open the Documents and Settings folder then open the folder that has your Windows username on it.
      • Open the Local Settings folder, followed by the Temp folder.
      • Click on File, then Edit from the top of the window.
      • From the Edit menu, click Select All. This will highlight the entire contents of the Temp folder.
      • Right-click on a highlighted file and left-click Delete (or press the Delete key). Click OK to the 'Confirm File Delete' prompt.

    3. Once all the items have been deleted, close all the windows and empty the Recycle Bin.

    4. Attempt to install EPSON Scan and any other software that you may require.

    5. If the installation is successful, restart the computer to complete the installation.

    6. When the computer has restarted, test the installation by opening Epson Scan from the Start > All Programs > EPSON Scan menu. See How to perform a basic scan with EPSON Scan for instructions.

    7. Should the installation fail again with the error "Could not copy files..", move to Steps 5-7 for further troubleshooting.

    8. Return to the C:\Documents and Settings\yourusernamefolder\Local Settings\Temp folder and rename Setup.exe to Setup.old.
      Note:In order to view and edit file extensions, you must uncheck the setting 'Hide extensions for known file types'. This is located under Advanced Settings in the View tab of Folder Options.

    9. Close the folder.

    10. Run the EPSON Scan installation again.

    11. If the EPSON Scan installation is successful, go back to the \Local Settings\Temp folder and rename the file Setup.old to Setup.exe.

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