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Thread: Source for Sony Software "vccpointingdevice.exe"

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    Source for Sony Software "vccpointingdevice.exe"

    I have a Sony Vaio. Originally Vista was installed. To escape this horrible fate I've reformatted & installed Windows 7. All is great, but now I find I need a copy of "vccpointingdevice.exe" to enable/disable my touchpad. Can't find it anywhere by Googling. Can anyone help with a pointer to a location for downloading this file? Note: I want the file "standalone" not bundled up in a Sony Driver package - for fear of what might happen to my Windows 7 setup if I try to "unbundle" same. Thanks.

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    Re: Source for Sony Software "vccpointingdevice.exe"

    This file is a part of the driver package. You cannot use it without the driver. If you want drivers for windows 7 and couldn't find one, download drivers for vista... that works for Windows 7

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    Re: Source for Sony Software "vccpointingdevice.exe"

    Have you tried it to install it in compatibility mode?

    Refer to this thread:

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    Re: Source for Sony Software "vccpointingdevice.exe"

    Go to the vaio support center, click on mouse, and click on device. There will be an option to enable and disable.
    You're welcome.
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