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Thread: windows vista stopped burning disks correctly

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    windows vista stopped burning disks correctly

    i have owned my laptop with windows vista for about 10 months now and have been succesfully burning discs constantly, then suddenly the discs it burns read empty, on both my computer and any dvd players i put them in despite the compute insisting the burn prosses was done succesfully, i have noticed i think that the computer says the disc has ben finnalised too early (around 97% when it was 99% before) and ejects it. am i right in assuming discs that have not been finnalised can not be read. ive done a little research online and some peole have suggested it a software problem rather than hardware and may hae been caused by windows automatic update. i do burn a large amount of discs and so first thought it might be the drive and was going to replace it until i read it might be software rather then the drive, given the large number of posts on sites this seems to be a common problem and so hope someone can help me, despite been a seemingly common problem there dosnt seem to be a consecious on a soilution, help me thanks

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    Re: windows vista stopped burning disks correctly

    There are many cases like it might be your hardware issue or your software issue or it might happen that your CD disk might be corrupted so i would suggest you to reinstall the software and burn it one more time hope now it would be working fine if still facing same issue then it would be your drive problem or else check out below link

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    Re: windows vista stopped burning disks correctly

    Which burning software you are using? Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the burning software? You can also use many free burning softwares which are available for download? Have you tried nero, although it is not free but you can download Nero's trial version and test it.

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    Re: windows vista stopped burning disks correctly

    Better update your disc drives driver. Right click on My computer and select Properties. Then go to Hardware and select Device Manager. In the list of hardware right click on the disc drive and select properties. Then update drivers. Other wise try a different software for burning disc's.

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    Re: windows vista stopped burning disks correctly

    Almost fell off the chair from laughter

    There is no such thing as disc "drivers" ... the real function comes under

    1: Ide ata/atapi controllers
    2: Scsi and raid controllers
    3: Universal serial bus controllers (external)
    4: Ieee controllers (external)

    If anythings going to break down here simply uninstall whats found under the above listed controllers and reboot system ... system will reinstall these devices and may require a reboot.

    Common issues :

    1: Changed media brand (not all media is equal... some are outright garbage)
    2: Upgrade burners > FIRMWARE

    Use Imgburn after to do a test burn to a media brand you have use successfully before and only after firmware upgrade has been done.

    Note: Dvd-r is the most compatible media when mixing old and new readers such as home dvd players and pc's ... Dvd+r may cause issues such as jittery playback or disc read errors on older equipment

    If unsuccessful you may want to replace the data cable connected to the burner ... if still issues its time to replace the drive.

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