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Thread: How to export sharepoint calendar

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    How to export sharepoint calendar

    Hello , I Have Sharepoint on my Computer and I Want to Export my Sharepoint Calender , please tell me how can i Do , The reason , is that i have bought a new pc and want transfer my file from old computer to new , especially i want calender to first exported and then imported back in ,please help Thanks inadvance

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    Re: How to export sharepoint calendar

    The fact that the calendar crashes when you try to export them , it may indicate that the file is damaged. Otherwise you can locate the file on your Mswkscal.wcd former position and, overwrite the old copy on new computer
    The location of this file a Windows 2000/XP is C:\Documents and Settings\ All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\

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    Re: How to export sharepoint calendar

    To save calendar information SharePoint Online by exporting to Office Outlook
    1. Click View All Site Content, then click the schedule recording.
    2. Click the Actions menu, Log on to Outlook and in Microsoft Office Outlook, click Yes.
    3. In Office Outlook, browse the calendar connected to the SharePoint Online site, then drag all the calendar items to a folder on your local computer or to your Outlook calendar.
    4. When you have copied all the calendar items, delete the calendar SharePoint Online Office Outlook by right-clicking on the tab associated with the timing SharePoint Online display your Outlook calendar, and then click Delete name of calendar.

    Repeat this procedure for each calendar SharePoint Online recording.

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    Re: How to export sharepoint calendar

    One of the challenges of accessing SharePoint calendars via the object model is that there are so many different types of events – normal events, all-day events, recurring events, recurrence exceptions, and deleted instances – and they all look more or less the same! In this post, I will shed some light on how to work with calendar events, describe the subtleties of recurrences, and put that knowledge to work exporting events to the RFC 2445 iCalendar format.

    For more information Check this link

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