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Thread: What is persi0.sys

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    What is persi0.sys

    I recently heard about a file naming "persi0.sys" from a friend & they were discussing about it & But i was not knowing what the file is about & what program is accessing it can anyone explain about it....?????

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    Re: What is persi0.sys

    $persi0.sys is typically a file associated with a program called deep-freeze.... There are some cases where it has come to be part of a Trojan. If you think it is your computer then just remove it by any strong antivirus....!

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    Re: What is persi0.sys

    This file normally seen at this location... See if you find at anyone position....!

    • %AppData%\windows\scvhost.exe
    • %AppData%\windows\services.exe
    • %AppData%\windows\smss.exe
    • %AppData%\windows\winlogon.exe
    • %System%\%username%\pcmav.exe
    • %System%\%username%\video.exe
    • %System%\pascal.scr
    • %System%\scvhost.exe
    • %System%\shell.exe
    • %System%\uninst99.exe
    • %Windir%\persi0.sys
    • c:\persi0.sys

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    Re: What is persi0.sys

    I will just recommend you to remove it directly or you can use the following software to remove it..... You can use Quick Heal Antivirus software for all the viruses infected in your computer.... Also check for malwares in your computer with MalwareBytes..... Hope that will help you....!

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    Re: What is persi0.sys

    Actually, persi0.sys is nothing but a file associated with a software called Deep Freeze which is one of the security program and mostly popular in the internet cafe. Sometimes the persi0.sys file is identified as a known trojan and if you think that its a trojan then try to run MalwareBytes Anti-Malware software to get rid of this virus.

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