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Thread: Tweak Internet Explorer using TweakUI in Windows XP

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    Tweak Internet Explorer using TweakUI in Windows XP

    I was surfing for Internet Explorer 7 tweaks over internet and came across this thread:Internet Explorer 7 Repair , Tips & Tweak in Windows Xp. I am having TweakUI software. Is this possible using this software? I mean can I tweak my internet explorer using TweakUI under Windows XP?

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    Re: Tweak Internet Explorer using TweakUI in Windows XP

    With TweakUI, you can only tweak Internet Explorer partially. That means very few things can be tweaked using TweakUI. Genrally when you open any web page on Internet Explorer and wants to see the source code of that page then you go to View tab and click on Source. This opens the code in Notepad. But if you want to see this page through some different editor then its not possible. So to solve this problem use TweakUI. Run Tweak UI and double-click "Internet Explorer" in the left pane. Select "View Source" and then click the "Change Program" button. Browse your computer and double-click the executable of the text editor. Now click on "OK" button to save changes.

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    Re: Tweak Internet Explorer using TweakUI in Windows XP

    Many a time we come across some sites where you like some images and want to save them. But the problem is that you can only save only few of them. TweakUI also solves this problem. Just open the TweakUI interface and click on "Internet Explorer" in the left pane. Now click on "Image Toolbar". Change the value of "Minimum image size" to the smallest. Finally save this changes by clicking on "OK" button.

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    Re: Tweak Internet Explorer using TweakUI in Windows XP

    You can even change the background texture of Internet Explorer toolbar using TweakUI. Simply go to "Internet Explorer" link on TweakUI and then select "Toolbar Background". Select "Use custom background for Internet Explorer toolbar" checkbox and press "Change..." button. Choose the texture from the list that appears and click on "Apply" button to apply the changes. Your IE toolbar background must have changed now.

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