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Thread: Describe the various tweaks of Adobe Reader toolbars

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    Describe the various tweaks of Adobe Reader toolbars

    I am having Adobe Reader 8 on my Windows XP computer. I would like to know what are the things we can do with the toolbars. Can anyone describe me the various things we can do with Adobe Reader toolbars? I basically want it for my file which I want to create using Adobe Reader.

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    re: Describe the various tweaks of Adobe Reader toolbars

    Display and arrange toolbars

    Show or hide toolbars
    • To open a toolbar, choose View > Toolbars > [toolbar name]. A check mark next to the toolbar name indicates that the toolbar is displayed.
    • To hide all toolbars, choose View > Toolbars > Hide Toolbars.
    • To change a toolbar that is either shown or hidden, right-click/Control-click the toolbar area, and choose the toolbar you want to show or hide.
    • To change the visibility of several toolbars, choose Tools > Customize Toolbars or View > Toolbars > More Tools. Then, select and deselect toolbars. (Check marks by the toolbar names indicate which ones are currently visible.)

    Return toolbars to their default configuration

    Choose View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars.

    Lock or unlock the toolbar area

    Locking the toolbars prevents any rearrangement of the toolbar area, so all grabber bars disappear when the toolbar area is locked. Locking does not affect the positions of any floating toolbars.

    Choose View > Toolbars > Lock Toolbars.

    Select the command a second time to unlock the toolbar area.

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    Re: Describe the various tweaks of Adobe Reader toolbars

    You can alter the display within an individual toolbar to keep just the tools you need available with a minimum of wasted space. You can also show and hide tool labels.

    Show or hide individual tools

    Reader includes more tools and more toolbars than the set that appears by default. You can customize the toolbars so that the tools you use most often appear in the toolbar area. Just do any of the following:
    • Right-click the toolbar, and select a tool that you want to display or deselect a tool that is already displayed if you want to hide it.
    • Right-click any toolbar and choose More Tools. Then select individual tools and toolbars that you want to display, and deselect those that you want to hide.

    Show or hide tool labels

    The default view shows labels for some toolbar buttons. You can show labels for all buttons to help you as you learn to use Reader, or you can hide all tool labels to save space in the toolbar area.

    Choose View > Toolbars > Button Labels > [option].

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    Re: Describe the various tweaks of Adobe Reader toolbars

    Toolbars reduce clutter in the work area by arranging tools in task-related groups. For example, the Page Display toolbar includes buttons for changing how many pages you can see at a time in the document window. The Comment & Markup toolbar contains tools for reviewing and annotating a PDF. In the Reader toolbar, use the Zoom tools and the Magnification menu to enlarge or reduce the page. Position the pointer over a tool to see a description of the tool. Position the pointer over the grabber bar on the left edge of a toolbar to see its name.

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