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Thread: Problem with LG DVD ROM

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    Problem with LG DVD ROM

    I had a old LG DVD ROM in my system. Then ROM is not working from some time. It is not reading any disc. I had checked the connections and changed the cable also. But still the issue is not gone. What can be the reason behind this. I had tried every thing hear. The DVD ROM is listed in the Device Manager. The light is blinking while the CD is inside.

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    Re: Problem with LG DVD ROM

    The problem was same in my VAIO laptop. The cause behind is the drivers. It needs the latest drivers to work. You can download the driver from LG website by browsing your product. It is a freeware utility. Just upgrade the drivers and see weather it works or not. Other wise probably there can be a hardware issue.

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    Re: Problem with LG DVD ROM

    Have you checked out that the DVD ROM is properly connected to the system. The light blinks due to power supply but the cable which is connected to the board is working or damaged. Just try to change it. If still the problem continuous then it surely possible that the lens in the drive is gone. This a very common problem in old machines. The lens in the system has prescribed life time. You will have to replace it.

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    Re: Problem with LG DVD ROM

    The issue is cause due to the Frimware of your DVD drive. Firmware is an like a driver which helps to create a platform where the hardware's are communicating with each other. A update of firmware can solve the issue. Click on the link below and download the Firmware for your brand of drive. Run it and restart your system. Once the Firmware is properly updated then the drive will work properly as it was working before.

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