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Thread: Prefetch layout.ini file is deleted

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    Prefetch layout.ini file is deleted

    I just installed Windows XP Pro SP1, and installed all the necessary applications and programs that I need on it.

    After I finished with installing, I usually delete all the collected stuff while installing Windows from the prefetch folder. But I don't have anything in my prefetch folder. Also, Prefetch Layout.ini seems to be missing or delete.

    How can I repair this.......

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    Re: Prefetch layout.ini file is deleted

    Have you checked Task Scheduler ?

    I think the Task Scheduler service might be disabled due to which you are not finding any items inside Prefetch folder. You'll need to enable Task Scheduler service to retain the Prefetch service and other files.

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    Re: Prefetch layout.ini file is deleted

    To rebuild Prefetch layout.ini file, you'll need to -

    Make sure that the "task scheduler" is enabled. If you are unsure about this, then click "Start" - "Contrl Panel" - "Administrative Tools" - "Services". You will get the list of services. Then in the list of services make sure the "Task Sheduler" is Enabled. Now, restart the service by clicking on Start. Close the Services Folder and go back to desktop.

    Next, go to "Start" - "Run" - type cmd click OK. This will bring up the DOS Command screen.

    Copy-paste this entry in at the flashing cursor rundll32.exeadvapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks and press ENTER.

    Reboot 3 times and your Prefetch folder will be rebuilt.

    Note -- To disable :: Again Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services. Once again find Task Scheduler in the list and stop the service and then set it to disabled. This will stop any more entries going into your Prefetch folder.

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