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Thread: My computer desktop icon do not load.

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    My computer desktop icon do not load.


    I have seen a problem with my system that the computer desktop icons wont load on startup.
    Do you know any solution?

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    Re: My computer desktop icon do not load.

    Well I must say first try to run some latest & updated antivirus program first & then check for any spyware or malware in your system.
    I must say that you need to have your system scanned 3-4 times.
    Can you go & see the desktop icons here?
    My Computer - Documents and Settings- (your user name) - Desktop
    let us know what you see here?

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    Re: My computer desktop icon do not load.

    Hey the icons are visible but wont work.
    Can you tell me why they are not working?
    I think this is a bug & I need to correct it.
    Now there is a new development its taking 10 mins to load windows what is happening.

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    Re: My computer desktop icon do not load.


    My problem is also same as you but the thing is that the icons are doing something.
    I mean on IE icon if I click, I get a blank page that says page could not be displayed. I ran antivirus & spyware program found some threats & cleaned it too. but no help.

    Can you tell me how to clean the system now? or I need to reformat?

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