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Thread: Need a Movie Ticket Template

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    Need a Movie Ticket Template

    I need some template designs for my school work. The first one I want a movie ticket template which I can print directly from a pdf or a word file. I also need some template related to multiple topics for a project work. I want to ask from where I can download them. How can I create a template in word file by using different pictures and background. Thanks.

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    Re: Need a Movie Ticket Template

    There are multiple websites which gives you a list of templates in pdf format. Only you will need to search on the net related to the topic. I am also attaching a sample of movie ticket template in Microsoft Word format so that you can print it directly. It is an image file so you can edit it if needed. Download the attachment and print it.

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    Re: Need a Movie Ticket Template

    You can Microsoft Word to create your own template design. It is easy and very simple to use. Launch Microsoft Word and save the new file as a template. Make sure to select document template from the saves drop down box of save as type. This create a blank template file for you. Now start editing the file. Add your favorite color, picture, text, etc. Save the file and see the effect.

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    Re: Need a Movie Ticket Template

    If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 then you can have a list of inbuilt templates along with online also. Microsoft Word 2007 offers a list of documents like letter, resumes, brochure, etc. If you don't like the design you go for the online help select the template and download it. Other wise you can directly go on the Microsoft website and download the offered template free. There many third party tool also in which you can create your own templates.

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