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Thread: Microsoft money not working

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    Microsoft money not working

    I am using microsoft money to keep track of his investments on more than one computer ideally. Now I want to replace my pc and want to set up on microsoft money on the new machine. I have tried restoring the data file with a backup but its not working. I am getting error the email address and password used to secure the backup file are not the same used to log into the account.

    Help me !!!

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    Re: Microsoft money not working

    Follow the steps bellow :
    • First, verify that dates are entered correctly in your Money file. For example, an account may use dates with a forward slash (/), but the regional settings in the computer may specify a dash (-). This difference may cause Money to fail when it tries to convert the file.
    • To identify the regional settings in your computer, follow these steps:
    • Open the Regional Settings item in Control Panel. To do this in Windows Vista, click Start, type Control international in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
    • To open the Regional Settings item in Control Panel in Windows XP and earlier versions, click Start, click Run, type Control international, and then click OK.
    • Notice the date style, and then make sure that the style matches the style that you are using in Money.

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    Re: Microsoft money not working

    Network issue is caused by a problem in the cookies or cached files, clearing cookies and 'temporary internet files' can resolve this. If specific accounts haven't updated for more than 24 hours and you've tried to force an update via Update Now, see the Check the Status of an account on MSN Money item below for information on how to look up the error codes for those accounts. If you click on that error code, it may provide additional information to identify the reason for the failure.

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