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Thread: Excel : vlookup multiple values

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    Excel : vlookup multiple values

    I have created excel file in excel 2007 with two columns 1]name 2]data and three row with 1]Emp no 2]Emp name 3] Emp age. Now i am looking for feature or tool in excel which search a value and replace the same value in row form selected column.

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    Re: Excel : vlookup multiple values

    Are you looking to find 2nd and 3rd column data or are you wanting to look up the combination of name based on that combination, find the result from another row ?

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    Re: Excel : vlookup multiple values

    You use the VLOOKUP function to search multiple value in the first column of a list and return a value in the same row from another column in the list. Note that the VLOOKUP function is designed to return only the corresponding value of the first instance of a lookup value.

    For example, if I type "Emp 9" in cell A9 (column 10 and I type the following VLOOKUP formula in B9 (Row 9 and 2nd column) :


    The VLOOKUP function in cell B9 finds the first occurrence of the name "Emp 9", and returns the corresponding value in the same row of the second column.

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    Re: Excel : vlookup multiple values

    VLookup is a very powerful tool for finding multiples values in a table. The Vlookup search the value given formula and gives the exact match of that value in specified column or row and remove possible error values.

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