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Thread: Add a footer page number after first page

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    Add a footer page number after first page

    I have some problem while using Microsoft Word. I have some 180 pages related to a company profile. The first page is the cover page. I had inserted page number. The problem is I do not want page number on the first page. How can I insert a page number directly from second page. Second thing how can a create a simple brochure in word and the last thing annoying me is the green and red line under the words in the pages.How can I remove them.

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    Re: Add a footer page number after first page

    It is simple to remove the page number from the first page. Go to Insert > page numbers. In the box uncheck the show first page option. Then go to Format tab. Here click on the start at button and at the list box enter a zero. Make the second page 1. Click on OK. Even if manually you can put zero at the end of the page.

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    Re: Add a footer page number after first page

    Microsoft Office 2007 has an option called Microsoft Office 2007 help. When launch word and click on New a windows appear. In that menu you have some pre-installed templates and samples. The same you do to add a brochure. It connects online and give a sample of multiple brochures you can select any one of it. Make sure you have a internet connection. Select a brochure from there and edit it.

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    Re: Add a footer page number after first page

    The red and green line under word comes because in you office the spell check option is enable. Spelling and grammar check the wrong spellings and sentence format. It gives a red line under wrong spelling and when you right click on it, it will suggest you the correct one. You disable it by clicking on the windows key in word and word option. In the window go to proofing. Untick on box check spelling as you type and close it. Now th e lines will not appear.

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