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Thread: Cannot delete file with no name disk file

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    Cannot delete file with no name disk file

    when I try to delete a file from my desktop on my Windows XP sp3 it gives me the following error message "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from source file or disk" this is because I want to convert the volume to NTFS so I can install Vista but the conversion fails when it encounters files in my "Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files".The problem is that, if I try delete, rename, move, or do anything for that matter to the file it gives me the same error message.

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    Re: Cannot delete file with no name disk file

    You may try "DeleteInvalidFile". It was able to find all the invalid files but could not delete them until the permission. or else there are some files unfamiliar name and extension,If that file you're trying to delete is in one of those alpha/numeric folders under the Content IE5 folder try Opening Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options/General tab, click the Delete Files button and when the pop-up window appears put a checkmark in "delete all off-line content" and click OK. This generally deletes all of those alpha/numeric folders and the files inside them. They will automatically be recreated by Windows.This you need to delete with little precaution.

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    Re: Cannot delete file with no name disk file

    You may also try the following option:

    You need to reboot your computer and to do that you need to press F8 after bios setup select "safe mode'' from the list and when in safe mode delete the file, selecting the press F8 would be respective to the each OS, I am running windows XP. Safe mode would be the correct option to do some critical operations.

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    Re: Cannot delete file with no name disk file

    You may also use the Unlocker software, right click on the file which you wanted to delete then select "Unlocker" from there a window appears then click on the drop down arrow then select delete then click ok. The file will be at the following location C:\WINDOWS\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 if you have downloaded from the internet. but make sure while deleting the file as it is not the system or required file.

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    Re: Cannot delete file with no name disk file

    hi i have a 16 gb usb flash disk and i cant format this can not delet partition pleas help me. tnx

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