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Thread: Quickbooks Vista server busy issue

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    Quickbooks Vista server busy issue

    I have windows vista installed on my computer and I use QuickBooks 2008. I have the requirement to access customer QuickBooks database, and to check that i need to go through internet and check for their databases, when I check their site it gives me an pop-up saying "Windows Mail can compact the message store. This takes up to a few minutes". If I don't click OK (which i really don't understand what it do), I will get a "server busy" error from QuickBooks when I try to go into the next customer the same as earlier pop-up comes up continuously and have to ignore every time. Help!

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    Re: Quickbooks Vista server busy issue

    I am assuming it had something to do with an update. This may help to start Windows Mail, then immediately exit from it, then check whether it approve compaction? I also thinks that it would also be related to Quickbooks that uses OLE Automation or a similar technology, and they have a bug in their code.You may upgrade your app to a newer version or you can call the developer company for technical support.

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    Re: Quickbooks Vista server busy issue

    This error message usually occurs because the OLE activated application has an open dialog box and is expecting user input. This error message can be eliminated by using the property OLERequestPendingTimeout. This property specifies the amount of time after an Automation request is made before a busy message is displayed. for more information please check here.

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    Re: Quickbooks Vista server busy issue

    Server Busy dialog appears when creating Microsoft Word letters using large QuickBooks data files on the Windows Vista operating system.

    How this has happened: When we create Microsoft Word letters using large QuickBooks data files, then "Server Busy. This action cannot be completed..." action or message displays.

    Why is this happening: This is a known issue with QuickBooks on Windows Vista.and to fix this problem you need to Click Switch To in the message to complete the operation.

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    OMFG Re: Quickbooks Vista server busy issue

    I am having the same issue. When I click anything on the message box, either the Start menu pops up or nothing happens and I am still unable to use QuickBooks at all. I have tried all the fixes suggested, even a clean install of QB and now I am installing the Release 10 update. QB blames MS and MS blames QB and I still cannot get my work done. We have been using QB Pro 2008 and Vista for a year and a half now. At first the issue was sporatic and now it is constant.

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