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Thread: Lost email in entourage office 2004 after update

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    Lost email in entourage office 2004 after update

    I have entourage office 2004 on my mac machine. I have never had any problems with entourage office 2004 for mac anytime before. I just did the 11.1 update and i couldn't see help manager after the update. Also i lost my contact identity, all the contacts and emails were lost too. I haven't taking the backup yet. and i don't afford to loose the important emails, there were few emails unread... Please help! Can i get those things back?

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    Re: Lost email in entourage office 2004 after update

    Try this out, may be it would be of some help :
    • Go to entourage menu > Switch Identitied
    • Select your profile.

    If your profile is listed, on selecte\ing it, you will get all the things at place as before. But if not there may be update wiped your personal data like contacts, emails and your identity...

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    Re: Lost email in entourage office 2004 after update

    Go to the following location :
    Computer: Users: Your User: Documents: Microsoft User Data: Office 2004 Identities: Main Identity.
    Here see if the folders are arranged in the proper order. If it exists you will get your data by just switching profile to yours. But if the folder are not in this order, arrange it properly. And the switch to your profile, and your emails and contacts will be back. Hope this helps!

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    Re: Lost email in entourage office 2004 after update

    If everything is well and folders are in proper location, again to the above location and see whats is the size of the database file there? If you have been using entourage for a long time, the file size should be in 100mb range. If the file size it too small, then that means, that update screwed your identity and your data is lost.

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