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Thread: How to graph daily data in to monthly excel sheet

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    How to graph daily data in to monthly excel sheet

    I'm trying to share prices across over a five-year period and would like to graph it on a daily basis. but the problem is that when i try to chart five-years worth of daily prices, the grapg loses ts clearity. So, i would like to know that is it possible for me to run a Macro or something else which would automatically convert daily data in to monthly excel sheet? Is it possible for me to do so? Kindly provide me the correct solution for the above issue.

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    Re: How to graph daily data in to monthly excel sheet

    The Historical Database Reporter software is an effective way to query time tagged field data for a specific station or point and then move the data into a powerful Microsoft Access database for analysis and reporting. This software is available in a DDE version or serial version to fit your specific needs. The DDE version allows the operator to poll a site on demand. The serial version must wait for the site to call the operator. The data is displayed in columns starting with date, time, station, point, value, and point type.

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    Re: How to graph daily data in to monthly excel sheet

    To display the month and year at the bottom of the chart, right click the horizontal axis, choose Format Axis, and then choose the Patterns tab. Then you need to select the top-left chart sub-type. Afterwards click on Next, and again you need to click on Next. Then on the Tick Mark Labels option box, you need to choose the Low option.

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