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Thread: Linsk Missing in Favorite Coloumn in XP

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    Linsk Missing in Favorite Coloumn in XP

    Every time when I visit any important web page I just saved them in the Favorite list. I had a number of website stored in the favorite coloumn of Internet Explorer. Those websites suddenly disappeared. Now it is empty. I lost my all web addresses. It is happening after I downloaded a free antivirus from the internet. I never maintained any other records for those websites. Even in the history folder I will just get the current information only. By what reason those links are not shown in the Favorite tab. Now what are the way's to get back those store links.

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    Re: View all websites in Favorite Coloumn in XP

    It is due to user account creation. You might have created a new user account and logged in. Try logging in your old use account id. Also if your using McAfee Antivirus then it stops your Internet Explorer History and Favorite from working.
    • To Disable it Open VirusScan Window. Click on Pick a task.....
    • Click on option Change my VirusScan settings and then click on Configure VShield background scanning.
    • Click on the Customise your VShield settings > Internet Filter icon
    • Look for AcitveX controls. Uncheck the box.

    Now restart your system and check our weather your favorite list is working.

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    Re: View all websites in Favorite Coloumn in XP

    The reason behind this problem is your Folder Shell Folder is set incorrectly. Because of that you are not able to see the favorite list. But no need to fear your list saved in your system. To solve this problem try this :
    • Go to Start Menu > Click on Run > In the box type regedit > Press Enter
    • Navigate to the following path : [HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders]
    • Set the path of favorites folder to : %USERPROFILE%\Favorites

    Now once the path is configure you will be able to view the list of websites.

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    Re: View all websites in Favorite Coloumn in XP

    Always keep a backup of your favorite folder. You can do this by going on File Menu > Import or Export. Export the files to a folder. In case if you loose again then at least you can revert back. Try this simple solution to get your list back. First locate the Favorite folder. Open my computer go to Tools > Folder Options > View > show hidden files. Now go to C:\Documents and Settings\Users\Favorites. This is the default location of favorite webpages. You can even directly copy paste your links from here to any where.

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