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Thread: What is BackWeb-1940576.exe

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    What is BackWeb-1940576.exe

    I am using a Laptop bought past one month back & now it is giving a problem of BackWeb-1940576.exe which tries running internet & when no access is given it keeps asking firewall for access to the internet. Actually i don't know what is that file ??? & where it came from...???

    Can anyone tel me what is this file for & is my computer is infected to virus ???


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    Re: What is BackWeb-1940576.exe

    Description : BackWeb-1940576.exe is situated in a sottocartella of " C: \ Program Files". Known dimensions of the rows in 16,384 Windows XP the events are byte (98% of all), 45,056 byte. Not there are information on the creator of the rows. Not draft of rows of system of Windows. Application comes loaded during the start process of Windows (see registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ User Shell Folders). The program is not visible. The program uses the doors for the logon to the LAN or Internet. Therefore, the technical emergency of appraisal is of dangerous 74%, but to read also book reviews of the customers.

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    Re: What is BackWeb-1940576.exe

    In order to resolve this error, add the uninstall HP or Compaq using Relationship / remove programs.

    If you do not deinstallieren yourselves, HP or Compaq connections, can do you HP-Recovery-system, around all software files, around the way their original condition. In this way the HP or Compaq connections will become duly to be eliminated.

    CAUTION: The completion of the recovery system to replace the system and to marry her off with the original software that you original case Comecon out with the PC. This process may move or remove certain cash you out, such as those stored in my documents. Prior to the execution of the support system for recovering important to you and out the case you put off stored in my folder of documents a. Sees prewall to reinstall the original software that was not included with the PC. Also you must reshape an Internet connection and get updates of all the definition of critical Windows updates, virus updates and anti-spyware.

    After that the computer comes recovered and to have completed the configuration, to carry out the following operations in order to avoid that the message of error to visualize:

    You can updates the HP or Compaq Connections client software desi stole your application before learning of the spyware removal to use:

    Desinstalar updates of HP or Compaq Connections of client software doing click in Beginning, Control Panel, To add or to clear programs, updates of HP/Compaq Connections and clicks in the button To clear.

    HP does not consider HP or Compaq Connections spyware software. If spyware removal software detects BackWeb as spyware and you would still like to remove HP or Compaq Connections, it should not be removed through the Spyware removal software. Instead, uninstall BackWeb using Add/Remove Programs as shown above.

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    Re: What is BackWeb-1940576.exe

    Generally it is for Compaq Connection manager, but some malware camouflage itself as Backweb-1940576.exe, so that very careful is. Not detrimental, but processor takes speed and disk space, except May give away Bill nobody Gates has to enough of that.

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