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Thread: Multi Languages pack of Windows 7

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    Multi Languages pack of Windows 7

    I had upgraded my computer from windows vista to windows 7. In my older os i used multi language pack. But in the new os i don't have korean language. Other than this i need a multiple languages packages to customize windows 7. Where can i get those language packs.

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    Re: Multi Languages pack of Windows 7

    Basically the windows 7 os disk sometimes include a language pack with it. At the time installation you will need to check out whether it has different languages or not. The only option you have is to connect to the microsoft website and download the language pack from there. As there are multiple websites also which provides you the same. Try proper keywords and search it on the net.

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    Re: Multi Languages pack of Windows 7

    The language interface packs for windows 7 is released by Microsoft. You can access by connecting to the Microsoft Website. The language pack are single user and you will get a list of multiple languages which you can use. The MUI user interface in your OS allows you to use multiples language setup on your system. You will need to connect to the microsoft website and get your language pack.

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    Re: Multi Languages pack of Windows 7

    Lets first check out whether your system has multiple languages. Sometimes by default you receive a pack of languages from Microsoft. To install a new language do this. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options. In the resulting window select Key Keyboards and Languages tab. Now select Install/uninstall languages… button. Now in the list look out for the different languages. If you can see your language in the box select it and install. Otherwise download it from Microsoft Website and use the browse button to apply the language pack.

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