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Thread: Error establishing a database connection in Wordpress

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    Error establishing a database connection in Wordpress

    I am getting a following error message while establishing a database connection in WordPress -

    "Error establishing a database connection"

    why am I receiving this error ? does anyone know about this problem ?

    plz help....

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    Re: Error establishing a database connection in Wordpress

    This is an installation error. To avoid/resolve this, you need to manually edit the database and change the domain and path settings.

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    Re: Error establishing a database connection in Wordpress

    The MySQL concurrent connections is may have set too low. If there's a "bump" in the mysql service, then something may have changed for sure, which renders the settings in wp-config.php moot.

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    Re: Error establishing a database connection in Wordpress

    Try running this query on mysql.

    SET PASSWORD FOR some_user@some_host = OLD_PASSWORD('your_old password_here');

    The database must have a wp_ something in its tables and database name

    now, look for the prefix that you had given while installing it. If its default, it should have a wp_yourdatabasename or wp_youtablename within our databases. If you go to phpmyadmin and look at the databases you will see that.

    Run the sql for that database.

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    Re: Error establishing a database connection in Wordpress

    Check your host. Because, i think depending on the software running within the box, it may be adding (something like your username) to the name of the mysql-user or mysql-database.

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    Customize WordPress Database Connection Error Page

    WordPress 2.0+ users can find the lines to edit within ‘/wp-includes/wp-db.php’. Beginning immediately below line 307, save the following:
    /* custom error page hack
    shows a custom error page and emails error instead of
    showing the default wordpress database error page */
    $error = ( !$this->show_errors ) ? '' : $this->show_errors ;
    mail('', 'WordPress Error', $error);
    /* end custom error page hack */
    default Wordpress database error pages are more important for website administrators or webmasters , you can change the error page to another different error page by modifying text in the error page by customizing the wp-db.php file located in wp-include directory.

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