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Thread: How to delete an access denied folder

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    How to delete an access denied folder

    I had installed a imaging software called easyimage which i downloaded from the internet. I uninstalled the software as it was demo. But when i tried to manually delete the folder of this software from program files, i got the message Access Denied. I scanned my computer for malicious software. After that i tried again, it is giving the same message. It is now quiet irritating. I want to delete the folder any how. What can be the reason. Suggest me some way to delete this folder.

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    Re: How to delete an access denied folder

    This thing gradually happens when the folder is associated with a program running in the background. Whenever you will try to delete the folder Access Denied or different messages popup.

    If the file is in use you cannot delete it.
    Do the following to delete the file.
    Go to Start Menu > Program > Accessories > Command Prompt
    Close all the other programs running except Command Prompt.
    You will need to make sure that the explorer.exe file is properly shutdown.
    To exit all explorer.exe files do this :
    Go to Start Menu > Shutdown. Hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and press cancel.

    Now go back to the command prompt window and give the del command to the folder you want to delete.
    And go back to Task Manager > File > New Task and type explorer.exe

    Close the command prompt and task manager
    Now your folder is deleted from the drive.

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    Re: How to delete an access denied folder

    To manually delete the folder do the following :

    1. Go to Start Menu > Search. Select the option - Search for all files and folders.
    2. Type the name of your folder in the search box.
    3. Click on Search.
    4. When you can see the folder note the location. Eg : c:\windows\system32\undeleteablefilesname.exe
    5. Run Task Manager by right clicking on the task bar or pressing ctrl+alt+delete
    6. Go to process tab and select end process option for all the services named explorer.exe
    7. Exit Task Manager.
    8. Go start menu > run > type cmd.
    9. In the Command Prompt window locate your folder. Eg:c\program files\unabletodelete folder
    10. Now use the DEL command to delete the file.
    11. Exit command prompt and restart your computer.
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    The folder is not deleting because it is associated to some programs in the windows.
    Just go and restart your computer. After restarting delete the folder by right clicking
    on it or by pressing shift+delete. Even if the same message comes just run the task manager
    and check the name of folder in the process tab. After that choose end process option for that specific file.
    Now try to delete the folder.

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    Re: How to delete an access denied folder

    i am using window xp i want to delete some folder which is on my E: drive but when i try to delete its give me the message "cannot delete ar: access is denied make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently is use." tell me how to delete this folder

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    The main reason behind this message is that some other program is using the file or folder. Identify and close that programs as mentioned in (Windows : Cannot Delete File : Access Denied – File Unlocker)
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