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Thread: How to export data from tally to excel

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    How to export data from tally to excel

    I want to export all my accounting data to an excel sheet as my client don't know to use Tally. if i give all that data in excel it will be easy for him to look at it even if he want to look it at home.

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    Re: How to export data from tally to excel

    The tally 9 is given a new & a fantastic feature for exporting the data to excel. To export data with the tally 9 is as follows :

    • In the Export Balance Sheet change the format of the export data in the excel format.

    If you export in this format can be saved in file format .xls. Most of Excel if you put up the option to match yes compose data automatically in the format presentable. The control automatically "BOLD" title and the main fields for you and the data format of a good way. Take a look at the snapshot of the excellent balance of control exported.

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    Re: How to export data from tally to excel

    Export data from Tally into Excel :

    1. Start Tally. Log in with your user name and password, if any

    2. Open, your balance sheet. Click anywhere inside your balance sheet.

    3. Click on 'Export' in the menu bar or press 'Alt+E' on the keyboard.

    4. A dialogue box appears. Follow the initiative instructions step-by-step.

    5. Finally click 'yes'.

    6. Your data will be exported to the 'Tally' folder on your hard disk (C:\) as 'bsheet.xls' You can now double-click on it to view in Excel.

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    Re: How to export data from tally to excel

    Exporting data to excel from tally do following steps :

    1. Select ledger for export

    2. press export tab

    3. select ASCII in first place

    4. put file name.

    5. at last "yes"

    6. open new excel sheet

    7. Go to file then open then file name place type"c:\\export" then ok

    8. select " delimited" then next then select "comma" then next then

    9. your data exported and save it in separate excel sheet.

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    Re: How to export data from tally to excel

    I use one component for exporting data to Excel. I think it is very useful so that I want to introduce it to you. It named Spire.DataExport.
    You can download the free data export component one to evaluate if it is really useful

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    Re: How to export data from tally to excel

    This applies to Tally 7.2 and above.
    1. You can export only registers and not masters
    2. In any view register mode the export / import option becomes availble.
    3. Click export.
    4. Tally prompts you for a file name. The default name is always Tally.txt.
    5. Pl rename the file to represent the ledger you are exporting else Tally will over write an existing file.
    6. Tally will always save the file in the same drive / folder where Tally data resides. You cannot change this.
    7. The file saved is the CSV file.
    8. Open this file with Excel and map the fields.

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