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Thread: Need JPEG compression tool

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    Need JPEG compression tool

    hello friends,

    I have thousands of images in my computer stored in a JPEG format. This consumes lots of space in my harddisk more than my music folders. I want to reduce the size of these jpeg images. I know it's possible through compression. Which are the recommended compression tools for JPEG ?

    any ideas...

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    Re: Need JPEG compression tool

    Since you have thousands of images stored in your computer, I hope you may be capturing lots of pictures from a digicam and then transferring them to your computer.

    I would recommend you the powerful tool called Advanced JPEG Compressor.
    This program allows you to -
    • convert images to JPEG format using the most powerful JPEG compression engine
    • shrink the large file size of your graphic files
    • optimize pictures for quickly loading from the Web
    • e-mail smaller image files faster and not exceeding email size limitations
    • resize images and make thumbnails

    Advantage -
    Advanced JPEG Compressor can acquire pictures from your scanner or digital camera, and save them in the JPG format with the highest quality / file size ratio.
    You can easily scan, compress and e-mail photos from Advanced JPEG Compressor.

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    Re: Need JPEG compression tool

    JPEGCompressor - a java program that is designed to compress JPEG pictures.

    Features -
    compresses pictures to a specified dimension and quality.
    When you run the application select the directory that contains the pictures to be compressed. JPEGCompressor would compress save, and display them in an internal java web browser.

    Requirements -
    OS required - Windows XP/2000/98/NT/Unix/Linux.
    JVM Required - a java runtime is needed to be installed in your computer.

    JPEGCompressor is not a freeware. The price of this application is $14.00

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