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Thread: MS Projects Team Assignment Pool

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    question MS Projects Team Assignment Pool


    I am Preetam from India, at our Organization we have lately implemented Projects 2007.

    I want to create a scenario: Wherein I assign Tasks to a Team Resource for e.g. Team A and the person who has been decided as the Team Lead or Team Manager becomes the default owner of the Tasks assigned to Team A

    I have been succesful in getting till here

    However now I want that the Team Lead who has got these tasks should be further able to re assign these tasks to the team members of Team A.

    When I go to reassign Tasks I just see the Resource available as Team A (Here I have just included Team A as a resource in my project) and not the Team members of Team A

    Any help here will be highly appreciated


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    Re: MS Projects Team Assignment Pool

    Check out Treb's blog on using Team Assignment Pools


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    Re: MS Projects Team Assignment Pool

    Team assignment pools are a powerful addition to Project Server 2007. the work resources allow you to assign work to a work team without having to specify the specific team member who will perform the work. To get more detail see here

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    sad Re: MS Projects Team Assignment Pool

    Thanks for the information.....I did try as per this post before but for some reason, when I try to re-assign - it only gives me the team name as an option - not the actual individuals who are a part of the team...

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    sad Re: MS Projects Team Assignment Pool

    Thanks Jonathan.....However my problem still persists....I have tried a lot finding posts on the Web but not fruitful......

    I knw it is possible but the only problem is HOW????

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    Re: MS Projects Team Assignment Pool

    Got the answer

    To create a Team resource, the Project Server administrator must complete the following steps:

    1. Create a Team Names lookup table in Project Web Access, build the code mask, populate the Lookup Table with names of your organization’s teams, and then save it.

    2. Modify the Team Name built-in enterprise field, attach it to the Team Names lookup table, and then save it.

    3.Launch Project Professional 2007 and log into Project Server with administrator permissions.

    4. Click Tools - Enterprise Options - Open Enterprise Resource Pool.

    5. In the Resource Center page, select the names of the people who server as members of dedicated project teams and then click the Open button.

    6. In the Resource Sheet view in Project Professional 2007, add the names of the new Team resource that you need. For example, for a team of dedicated DBA’s, you might name the team DBA Team 1.

    7. Double-click the name of each new Team resource, select the Generic option in the Resource Information dialog and then click the OK button.

    8. For each new Team resource, set other standard information as needed.

    9. Right-click on the Type column header, select the Insert Column item on the shortcut menu, and insert the Team Assignment Pool column.

    10. In the Team Assignment Pool column for only the new Team resources, set the value to Yes. This step indicates to Project Server 2007 that these resources are Team resources.

    11. Hide the Team Assignment Pool column and then insert the Team Name column.

    12. Select the correct team name in the Team Name field for each Team resource and for each of the human resources that are part of the designated teams.

    13. Save and close the Enterprise Resource Pool.

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