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Thread: Edit the registry in windows 7 : access denied?

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    Edit the registry in windows 7 : access denied?

    When I try and edit a value I get the error "cannot write value". When I try and give my self permission to write the values I get "unable to save permissions to (key) Access denied". Ive tried running it in safe mode and normally under the admin account, even going into the windows folder and right clicking rededit and running as admin. Still getting the error. Im using windows 7 RC1.

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    Re: Edit the registry in windows 7 : access denied?

    I am running it on the admin user.. I stated that in the first post. I tried to authorize the accounts but as I said, it says access denied..

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    Re: Edit the registry in windows 7 : access denied?

    Create a shortcut for "regedit" on desktop. Right-click on it and select "Run As Administrator" This will give you Admin rights while editing registry. If you want you can disable UAC completely from the control panely... All the best!!

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    Re: Edit the registry in windows 7 : access denied?

    To change the permissions using Regedit

    The instructions are as follows.

    1.Find the line of code that is failing, for example:

    The text string, "MSWC.BrowserType", is the ProgID (Program ID).

    2.On the Start menu, click Run. At the command prompt, type the following command to start the registry editor:

    3.In the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT window, click to expand the ProgID key, and then click CLSID. Record the UUID value of this key. For example, the ClassID for "MSWC.BrowserType" is {0ACE4881-8305-11CF-9427-444553540000}.

    4.In the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT window, click to expand the CLSID key, and then select the ClassID entry (UUID). On the Security menu, click Permissions. Make sure that the Everyone entry has Read permission; if not, add this permission entry.


    Find TypeLib
    Expand the ClassID entry from the preceding step 3, and locate the TypeLib entry beneath it. Record the UUID value, and then proceed to the "Change Permission for TypeLib" section.

    Do changes on your own Risk.

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    I dont think the formal logon to regedit by utilizing RUN command just it's the solo step to change the administrative feature of the regedit ,but i've encountered that one time ago ,so go to the following file on C:\windows\system32\group policy\gpt.cnfg , and change the administrative privilge to full access.

    hope that will help you

    please refer back to me if you get solution from my reply.


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    Re: Edit the registry in windows 7 : access denied?

    Quote Originally Posted by pctgroupeng View Post
    C:\windows\system32\group policy\gpt.cnfg

    Under this folder "group policy" it says folder is empty.

    I have tried every possible thing mentioned, no matter what I do my registry says access denied. I didn't know I had this problem until I had an issue trying to zip a folder. When I seen it wasn't possible I searched to find out how to enable it. I tried downloading the registry files people posted and it always came up can not access file. Then I tried manually changing the files which is when I ran into this problem.

    I tried run as admin, I tried accessing the folder above, which doesn't exist.

    What next?

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    Re: Edit the registry in windows 7 : access denied?

    I had the same problem. I found the solution here, which was to change the owner. I changed the owner to Administrators and then I was able to grant the permissions.

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