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Thread: How to make sharing between the folders of Windows XP and Mac OSX

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    How to make sharing between the folders of Windows XP and Mac OSX

    I usually use windows in my computer at my office. But now i have a apple laptop also. What is the process to make file sharing in between the two OS.
    Is it compatible with the application i normally used. I can use removable media also. But better if there is an option to activate the sharing feature, it will make my work more easy.

    provide solution...

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    Re: How to make sharing between the folders of Windows XP and Mac OSX

    Yes, you can share folder between XP and Mac. '
    Follow the below step to enable sharing.
    On the computer in which your Mac OS X is installed :
    Go on System Preferences -> Accounts
    Select your folder > Click on Edit User > Click on the box to check Allow user to log in from Windows tab. > Click on OK.
    Now click on System Preferences -> and then Sharing > click to check on Personal File Sharing tab > click on to check Windows File Sharing tab.
    Note down your Mac IP address at the bottom of the screen.
    The IP address is mentioned in the paragraph reading, Windows users can access your computer at IP Address.
    To select which windows users can log in, open Accounts preferences and edit their user information.
    On the computer in Windows XP is installed:
    Go on Start > search > Computers > A computer on the network
    Enter the IP address of Mac's PC.
    Type your OS X Username and password
    To set up as a shared folder on XP:
    Right click on the folder > properties ( The folder to be shared )
    Click on Sharing tab > Share this folder on the network > Click on
    allow network users to change my files. > Click Apply. > OK
    And now the final part :
    Click on Finder > Go > Connect to Server > Click on the Server and PC to connect > Click on Connect
    Enter your Mac username and password > OK
    Select the name of the shared folder to access > OK

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