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Thread: How to remove internet explorer from windows XP?

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    How to remove internet explorer from windows XP?

    I am running windows XP on my desktop. I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser and i love it. Internet explorer is so irritating. I just want to remove internet explorer. Is there any way to do that?

    Any and all suggestions are accepted.

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    Re: How to remove internet explorer from windows XP?

    Try this:
    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Click on Tools Menu
    • Then Click Internet Options
    • Go to Connections tab
    • Click on the LAN Settings
    • In the Proxy server section, check the box next to Use a proxy server for your LAN
    • In the Address: text box, enter
    • In the Port: text box, enter 80
    • Click OK

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    Re: How to remove internet explorer from windows XP?

    To remove internet explorer, you can use following method:
    • Open on Notepad file
    • Copy following in notepad:
      @echo off
      cd "\Program Files\Internet Explorer"
      if not exist IEXPLORE.EXE goto End
      if exist IEXPLORE.EX_ del IEXPLORE.EX_
      if not exist IEXPLORE.DIR md IEXPLORE.DIR
      if not exist IEXPLORE.DIR goto End
      attrib -r -h -s IEXPLORE.EXE
      if exist IEXPLORE.EXE goto End
      echo IE disabled.
      echo If prompted, click "Cancel" then "Yes" on File Protection restore.
      echo Run enable-ie.bat to allow IE to run again.
    • Save this file as "disable-ie.bat"
    • Double click on that saved "disable-ie.bat" file

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