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Thread: Visualizations Error - Windows Media Player

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    Visualizations Error - Windows Media Player

    My son is using HP Laptop & what he did with it i don't know he lost all the visualization that originally come with Media Player. i tried repairing the Media Player but was not at all worth.

    I am worried that i had to reinstall windows, i don't want to reinstall it.

    Please Help...!

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how these other missing visualisations can be restored?

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    Re: Visualizations Error - Windows Media Player

    Which version of windows media player do you use..??

    which visualizations are missing like the default one or the one you installed externally??

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    Re: Visualizations Error - Windows Media Player

    I am using Windows Media Player 9 version.

    The visualization which comes in default.

    Can you help with this??

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    Re: Visualizations Error - Windows Media Player

    You may want to try a system file check, Instructions Here

    If you have any corrupt or incorrect .DLL's this should fix things up.

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    Re: Visualizations Error - Windows Media Player

    Try uninstall & reinstall Visualiztaion from windows media player

    How to uninstall a Visualization from Windows Media Player..

    Open a Command Prompt window by typing CMD.EXE in Start, Run dialog.

    Note for Windows Vista: If you're using Windows Vista, you'll need to open an elevated Command Prompt. To do so, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

    Switch to the Visualizations folder by typing the following command:

    CD /d "%Programfiles%\Windows Media Player\Visualizations"

    Press {ENTER}
    Type DIR to get the directory listing, and spot the DLL file name for the Visualization that you want to remove. (For example, blaze.dll is for BlazingColors, ColorCub.dll is for ColorCubes, and so forth. You may also use Windows Explorer and right-click on each DLL in the Visualizations folder in order to find the Visualization name and description if you need.)

    After finding the DLL file name, unregister the module using the regsvr32.exe command:

    • regsvr32.exe -u <filename.dll>

    You should see the following message after running the above command:

    • DllUnregisterServer in <filename.dll> succeeded.

    After unregistering the DLL, simply delete the file. The Visualization should no longer be listed when you open Windows Media Player the next time.

    How to install Visualization

    1. Exit jetAudio.

    2. Download a visualization you want to try.

    3. Install the downloaded visualization*

    4. Start jetAudio, and click the 'Visual' button of jetAudio, and select 'Config Visualization' from the menu.
    Select the new visualization from the list, and press 'Close & start selected visualization' button.
    (If you can't find the new visualization, press 'Add' to add the visualization to the list.)

    * Make sure that the installation directory is jetAudio's visualization folder
    (In general, visualization folder is 'C:\Program Files\JetAudio\Vis'.)

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    Re: Visualizations Error - Windows Media Player

    Here is the link from windows to download some nice visualization.

    See Link

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