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Thread: Download Panda Antivirus free: cloud-based antivirus for Windows

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    Download Panda Antivirus free: cloud-based antivirus for Windows

    Panda Security announces the availability of Panda Antivirus Cloud, a new free antivirus based infrastructure "in the cloud", in beta. Taking advantage of online technology editor of the "Collective Intelligence, Panda Antivirus Cloud exemption is to install a signature on the client, the operations of threat detection is performed primarily online, which discharge the local client of these tasks. The software analyzes this as a priority for the files at run time, other operations being carried out in the background. If a file is detected as malicious, the information will be readily available for other users.

    The goal is to offer consumers "a truly install-and-forget solution that delivers the industry's fastest protection against the newest malware with literally half the performance impact," said Panda CEO Juan Santana. "We truly believe that Panda Cloud Antivirus represents a quantum leap in protection over the traditional approach to antivirus."

    The application aims to leverage the power of the cloud to better and more quickly detect and analyze new threats as they appear - which can be done in as little as six minutes, according to Panda. Called "Collective Intelligence," Panda's system utilizes anonymous data from users running the application and processes about 50,000 new threats each day.

    If you're running a 32-bit version of Windows, Cloud Antivirus is a good, lightweight option.

    Download it from here
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    Re: Download Panda Antivirus free: cloud-based antivirus for Windows

    Panda Security says that this technology reduces the impact on customer performance, with memory limited to 17 Mb. The publisher also announces a short deadline for the discovery of malicious files, the discovery of a threat that can take up to 48 days under normal circumstances. Another advantage concerns raised adding files safely to the base line, thus eliminating the risk of false positives.

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