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Thread: How to relocate special folders in XP ?

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    How to relocate special folders in XP ?


    I am using Windows XP at my home. In XP, the special folders are created and stored at the default location. I want to change the location of these special folders according to my personal choice since these special folders contains some really crucial data in it. My question is how can I relocate these special folders in my windows XP ?
    any ideas....

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    Re: How to relocate special folders in XP ?

    Folder Redirector can be used to relocate the special folders to a different path.

    This utility can relocate the following shell folders:

    • Desktop,
    • Favorites,
    • My Documents,
    • My Music,
    • My Pictures,
    • Send To,
    • Shared Documents,
    • Shared Music,
    • Shared Pictures,
    • Shared Video,
    • Start Menu,
    • Startup,
    • Temporary Internet Files,
    • Common Startup,
    • Common Desktop.

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    Re: How to relocate special folders in XP ?

    Follow the steps to redirect special folders in Windows XP using Folder Redirector utility -

    Select a folder from the drop-down list box. - The current path for the selected item is now displayed in the edit box.

    To relocate the special folder, type the new path in the edit box, and then click Apply.

    You can even backup the existing configuration to a file, before you modify the path.

    Please note - This utility does not move the files to the new location (redirected path). It has to be done manually.

    To restore the default path for the chosen shell folder, click the Restore Default button once.

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