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Thread: FTP task of Automize 4.x doesn't run in 5.x

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    FTP task of Automize 4.x doesn't run in 5.x

    hello friends,

    I am having an unusual issue here. I have upgraded Automize from version 4.x to version 5.x. However the upgradation was perfectly done but for some reason the FTP is not working in version 5.x. What can be the reason for this ? kindly suggest the necessary solution...

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    Re: FTP task of Automize 4.x doesn't run in 5.x

    There may be several reasons for this -

    1. 5.x FTP task has more features and parameters. The FTP task has to be edited. There is no need to make any changes. However, the task has to be saved as a 5.x task.

    2. 5.x now supports subdirectory transfers. However, it is also more stringent on the correct value of the Remote Directory being entered correctly.

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    Re: FTP task of Automize 4.x doesn't run in 5.x

    Do following things to solve the problem -

    • Edit and save each 5.x Ftp task again. No changes are needed. The Save button needs to be hit.
    • Use the Ftp browser from the Utilities Menu. Browse to your desired remote directory. Then lookup the value of the remote directory field. Make sure that it is entered correctly into the 5.x task.

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