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Thread: file extension .sig

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    file extension .sig

    Hi All!

    I early days i found a file in my computer with the extension file .sig. I tried to open the file but was not able to open it. Actually the file belong to me it was recieved with one of my client in US.

    Can anyone HELP in opening the files..??

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    Re: file extension .sig

    File Extension SIG

    File extension SIG is are small Text files attached automatically to the end of email messages. SIG extensions can be associated with ThunderByte AntiVirus PopMail and Broderbund Sign File as well most email programs.

    File Extension SIG Uses

    Signature files are used at the end of email messages to designate a business, person, idea or concept. An email signature may include a person's name and title, company name, contact phone number and even a relevant quote. Typical email programs support multiple SIG files with the user selecting the chosen signature from inside the create new message window.

    File Extension SIG Errors

    How are SIG files opened in MAC OS? Use QUAL COMM Eudora Pro to open signature files in Mac.

    How are SIG files opened in Windows? Use QUAL COMM Eudora Pro, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express to open signature files in Windows.

    Why won't a SIG file for Broderbund open? For the image format used for posters and signs created with Broderbund graphics software such as The Print Shop and PrintMaster. The file must be opened with the program that created it or possibly with other versions of Broderbund programs. With other versions, compatibility cannot be guaranteed. To open files in MAC OS use Broderbund The Print Shop. For Windows, you can use The Print Shop or PrintMaster.

    Why doesn't a website link appear in the SIG file? When a web site address is included in a SIG file, include “http://” before the website URL. Certain email programs do not recognize the address as a link without that language before the URL.

    Why won't a signature file in an email appear? Signature files should begin with three small dashes and a hard return to ensure their appearance in Internet mailing list management files such as Majordomo. If they are not in the email, Majordomo will ignore the signature file rather than process it and may cause an error message.

    Why won't art appear in a SIG file? In many instances ASCII art is received skewed so it should be avoided, especially in professional email signature files.

    Opening SIG Files

    SIG files have at least 8 way(s) to be opened. The SIG programs which open SIG files include: Creatacard Fax Cover Sheet or Form or Sign or Photo Gallery Project, Nicolet PRISM Data File, Panda Signature File, Powersim Studio Simulation Game, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Signs File, Print Shop Sign File, Signature File, SpyBot-Search-and-Destroy Ver. 1.2 Signature File

    Download .sig file opening tool.

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    Re: file extension .sig

    This registry scanner doesnt helped me!

    can anyone else HELP me...!

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    Re: file extension .sig

    Even i am facing the same problem with the same file extension .sig

    PLEASE someone HELP

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    Re: file extension .sig

    There is one thing you can do is try asking the same client for the same extension file .sig tool for it.

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